Sunday, October 10, 2010

Errors and Omissions

Give Peace a Chance

Perhaps it didn't need to be said in my post yesterday that mentioned John Lennon's birthday, but one of the reasons that I so admire him beyond his musicianship is his work for peace. Who can measure how much John and Yoko influenced public protests against ending the war in Vietnam? Surely people were galvanized by their continual activism for this cause. Where are the John and Yoko of today working to bring an end to the wars started by the Bush administration? We need to declare victory and bring the troops home. Let's use that man+womanpower and vast budget to heal our own country's woes. Democracy can't be imposed but must generate itself from a people.

Gail Collins

Secondly, I neglected to mention another woman who brings me a necessary dose of humor. Gail Collins writes a twice-weekly column for the New York Times that combines political insight with witty observations. She was the first woman to be Editorial Page Editor of the Times and held that post from 2001 through 2007. Catch her yesterday's column about which state has the worst election this year here. It's pretty funny - and pretty "awful."

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