Sunday, June 9, 2013

Some Artists at the 2013 Encaustic Conference Hotel Fair

The hotel fair is an exciting component of the wonderful annual International Encaustic Conference organized by Joanne Mattera with Cherie Mittenthal of the Castle Hill Center for the Arts. We owe a debt of thanks to Debra Ramsay and Cora Jane Glasser for originally introducing what became an integral participatory way for conferees to show actual examples of their work. Real live work is such a treat these days instead of the flattened digital imagery we've all become so used to. (By the way, these images will all enlarge if you click on them.)

My work in the hallway outside our room
at the Provincetown Inn:
The Black One and The White One

Here they are from the other direction: The White One and The Black One

Work by Binnie Birstein outside our room - what lies beneath: reflect (left) and
what lies beneath: red line (right)

This year Binnie and I decided to bring some larger work to show in conjunction with our joint book: Gesture & Geometry In Material Exploration.

(Still available online for a mere $15. Just click the link in the sidebar to the right of this post.)

We also brought the more typical smaller work, as did most of our peers. Here are some photos I took of 22 artists and their work in their hotel rooms. This number is only about 10 percent of those who attended the conference and nearly everyone showed work at the hotel fair. I'm sorry that I was only able to visit a few of the rooms due to time restrictions and I apologize to those I have not included. Maybe next year!

Binnie Birstein

Nancy Natale

Rae Miller

Jane Guthridge (sorry I caught you blinking, Jane)

A work by Jane Guthridge

Helen Dannelly

Cheryl McLure with her innovative art mountain

Judy Klich

Susan Lasch Krevitt

A work by Susan Lasch Krevitt

Sandi Miot's ethereal jellyfish project scrolls

Sandi Miot

A few more of Sandi's jellyfish
Graceann Warn

A closer look at some work by Graceann (that black and white striped one in the
second row is now at home with me thanks to Graceann's generous trade.)

Mitchell Visosky

Susanne Arnold

A closer look at Susanne's work

Work by Lynda Ray
More Lynda Ray

A Lynda Ray work I had my eye on that Joanne scooped. Love it!

David A. Clark

Tracey Adams on the right with her work and a friend

Deborah Winiarski

Annette Liebling

Michele Thrane

Jane Nodine
Ruth Hiller

Installation by Milisa Galazzi

Patricia Dusman

Diana Gonzalez Gandolfi

A closer look at Diana's work

And finally, Binnie's stacked blocks with that wonderful view outside.