Thursday, September 3, 2009

Studio Visit With Myself

I checked in with Joanne Mattera's blog and enjoyed seeing a report of her studio visits to Pam Farrell and Steven Alexander - two of my favorite artists. Looking at studios is always fascinating to me and one of the main reasons for this blog. So I thought I would post a few images from my own studio that I took last Saturday since I am also one of my favorite artists. (Blushing modestly - but if I didn't believe it, why else would I bother?)

I took these photos because I had work hanging on one side of the studio that was all strong color and on the other side were the blacks and browns of the new rubber+encaustic constructions. Working between the two contrasts, I got a color jolt every time I looked up.

The color wall View 1.

Notice the third piece in - a vertical with red on the bottom. You will note that the top is now just brown wood with a spiral mark on it. That is the remains of glue that held a painted panel on it and that just fell off one day. The painted panel (encaustic) was undamaged except for a small chip. Just shows how durable encaustic can be if it's fused correctly. (I was glad to have passed the fall-off test.)

The Color Wall View 2 - the other end of the wall, complete with dying plant and photo area.

Here's the dark side - part 1.

And Dark Side Part 2. Above the piece at the right is a photo of great looking sculpture I pulled from a magazine. It's the same color as my piece but has an interesting shape.

This is a closeup of my worktable with one of the Subliminal pieces in progress. It all makes a wonderful mess - but that's what a studio's for, right? Oh, yes, a mess in service to a higher purpose.