Thursday, August 19, 2010

Other Work I Liked in New York

I'm still trying to do something with all those photos I took in New York last month. I want to post about the mind-boggling Charles Burchfield show at The Whitney plus the women in photography show at MoMA. And, oh yes, there's the American Woman fashion show at the Met and Matisse at MoMA.

Meanwhile, I shot a lot of photos of things I really liked so I'm posting this more as a photo collection than a written piece. In fact, I'm also including a lot of label shots instead of adding captions. The labels will appear after the work to which they pertain. (Note that the photos will enlarge if you click on them.)

These images are from both the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. Pieces from MoMA start with the Matisse painting of the male model.

Gallery of Ancient Greek works at the Metropolitan Museum

Closeup of top right corner of this gallery that contains the krater with the encaustic painter

Scraps of Ancient Egyptian textiles

Matisse painting around 1900 

Inside Matisse's Red Studio

I think this is a Jean Dubuffet sketchbook

Gaugin woodcut

People enjoying a wall of Jasper Johns' works

An encaustic work by Lynda Benglis

Binnie looks at Benglis

Louise Nevelson - a column that was part of Dawn's Wedding Feast 

Brancusi sculptures

Robert Rauschenberg "Rebus" from 1955 - 5 details

This hay was so fragrant that you could smell it two galleries away. The hard-to-read label says that a gold wire encircles the cube made of 48 balances of hay. At one end of the wire is a gold needle.  

I loved the way these two women were posing in front of the Kara Walker piece.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see those encaustic works in person! Other than my own work I have not seen any encaustics except in books or on the net. I went to a Jasper Johns show in my home town but there were no encaustics. I was sooo disappointed. Thank you for sharing!

Joanne Mattera said...

Nancy, You hit many of my favorites: Mendieta, Winsor, Johns, the Fayums. The Greek and Roman galleries are just incredible. The "needle in a haystack" is a bit too cutesy for me--give me Tara Donovan or Jackie Winson--but I guess someone had to do it.

Wax Beach, Check out for upcoming news of the next annual event.

Nancy Natale said...

Wax Beach Artist, I don't know where you live, but you should consider coming to the next encaustic conference as Joanne suggests (comment below yours). Meanwhile, take a look at the new conference website.

Joanne, ya gotta love those new ancient galleries at the Met - too beautiful! And I had to visit The Boy, so evocative. I agree on the needle in the haystack - too obvious and cutesy, but I did love the massiveness of the bale and the fragrant hay. He could have left out the needle, as far as I was concerned, or done something more imaginative with it.

Anonymous said...

Nancy thanks for sharing, it is interesting to see the scale of the Benglis piece (thanks Binnie!) Makes me realize a trip to the Met is in order soon.

Nancy Natale said...

Lynette, thanks for your comment. I think the perspective of the photo of the Benglis piece distorts its size. It's actually only about 30" high or so, and it's at the Modern rather than the Met. I hope you get a chance to see it.