Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vicarious Art

I've been on the couch and at the computer but at least reading about other people's art, such as in Joanne Mattera's blog about the Miami art fairs, where she describes the scent of "Vert" permeating the air with the spring freshness of reborn optimism and the color of (hopeful) money.

Then I read online in the NY Times a similar assessment of the same art goings-on in Miami with a slide show that included a photo of a stunning work (above) by my current favorite artist and inspiration, El Anatsui. (This piece is being shown at Jack Shainman's booth - or so the Times says.) I love the irregular shape of this piece that makes it more sculptural. Just great! - and probably better in person.

This is another piece from the slide show called "Tangerine Dream" by Jim Lambie. I liked it and it reminded me of a studio shot that Philadelphia art blogger Tim McFarlane posted a little while ago of some works on paper from his "Condensed Fields" series.

Here is Tim's shot of five of his acrylic on paper works, each 30"x22".

And finally, I was scrolling through Facebook (and what a time waster that is in general) when I came across a post from my niece, Nicole Turner, about her father and my brother, Franklin. He is a musician who has managed to live his life just by playing music, mainly on piano. He has a new MySpace page where you can listen to four tunes from his previous CD. My fave is "Every Time We Meet." When the new CD that he's working on now is finished, some of those tunes will become available. This is a big advance into the virtual realm for him, made possible by his son-in-law, Jeremy Geiger.

So now off the computer and back to the studio to deal with the physical and the real, what a concept.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hi Nancy: I just spent some enjoyable time on the computer myself - I was especially taken with the work of El Anatsui. Seems I always learn something from you about other artists. And I thank you for that.

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks, Leslie. I appreciate your comment and your stopping by.

layers said...

love it when I get to find out about artists I have not seen before-- thank you for sharing them