Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Saturday Night Out and Amateurs Rule

Last night Bonnie and I went out with our good pal LoLo to have dinner together and hear about her recent trip to Spain. She suggested we try the Sierra Grille in Northampton - our first time and we'll definitely be back. (Instead of ready-made combinations of meals, the menu suggests that you pick one protein, one sauce and two sides to make your meal suit your individual palate all around. We loved it.)

Afterwards, I thought we might investigate something I had seen in the Hampshire Daily Gazette about a tobacco barn in Amherst that was illuminated during the month of December as an art and sustainability project. I thought that would be a cool thing to see and I could photograph it for this blog.

What I saw in the newspaper.

What my photograph looked like - after being "improved" in Photoshop.

What a professional photographer can do with the same scene (photo by Anita Licis from the Shedding Light blog). You can read about the project on the blog - quite interesting.

We were disappointed that the barn was not as bright as we had hoped, but we pressed on looking for more Christmas lights. We knew about the tree on the Connecticut River from an article in the Gazette, and the photo by Jerrey Roberts that accompanied the story looked like this.

On the other hand, after several attempts from both sides of the river, this is what I got...

Kinda looks like a sailboat on a mirror.

But I did know of one house in Hadley that had been very lit up last year, so we went there.

My photography was less than stellar so I decided to turn it a color since I do enjoy blue lights and the blurring is less visible in blue.

LoLo had graciously invited us back to her place for desert - chocolate lava cakes with French vanilla ice cream - and to see her photos of Spain. The desert was just fab and so were the photos.

Her little Pomeranian Bongo did his hysterically funny dance for us.

And this is what I captured.

So I proved that I am not a photographer and I should leave it to the pros.

But here is a blurry image of LoLo's great Victorian pink tree. A lovely symbol of the season and of our festive evening on the town.


Gwendolyn Plunkett said...

I enjoy reading your posts. On days like today here in Houston where it is very gray with fog and drippy outside, it is fun to spend time checking out what others are doing this time of year. Brightens the day here!

What I enjoy is how you turn your thwarted attempts to do something for your blog into a post quite entertaining and yet informative at the same time.

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks a lot, Gwen. I'm glad you enjoyed it.