Monday, December 14, 2009

Ice in the Mist

OK, so I'm not a fan of winter. I only live in New England because I was born here and can't afford to get out right now. The snow and cold and whatever are so not me. But sometimes I grudgingly admit that winter can be beautiful. Today was one of those days.

Crabapples loaded down with melting ice

On Sunday we had some snow and then rain. It froze overnight and coated everything with ice. Then this morning it warmed up and everything started to melt. When I went out with the boys, it was a strange misty but icy world.

The trees were covered with melting ice and mist was rising up as the sun hit everything. I think it was that state between a liquid and a gas that is called sublime. A good word for it.

An ice drip close up on an apple tree.

Leftover apples in a tree bent down with ice.

The lilac grove

Looking back at the house and garage through the trees and mist. Note the paths that Bonnie made with the snowblower so it would be easier for walking. (Of course it was for the dogs and not for us.)

Mist in the neighbor's yard. I'm calling it mist but it wasn't coming down from the sky - it was rising up from the ground and the trees.

Mist rising up over the frozen dog pools and Webber grill.

And it isn't even the solstice yet.


layers said...

I have to agree with you-- I do not like the cold, the freezing, the snow, the ice, the gray skies-- bummers-- but the pictures are certainly beautiful and so are yours

Robin Pedrero said...

These pictures are inspirational!