Friday, October 28, 2011

Painting Freedom

Coming soon - a post with my newest work. I am having two pieces re-photographed because I made changes after the first go-round. (The photographer says some people have gone for three and four times on the same work, so I guess I'm ahead of the process.)

Anyway, meanwhile, I just noticed this today:

Joan Mitchell, untitled, 1991

Willem deKooning, 1983

I thought the Joan Mitchell piece had a lot of the same feeling of deKooning's late work in its openness and freedom of marks. This imagery seems just as different for her as deKooning's did for his oevre. Maybe we all get to that place in our work as we release our hold on life?

The Joan Mitchell image is from her New York dealer, Cheim & Read, where an exhibition of 13 of Mitchell's works called "Last Paintings" will be shown November 3 - January 4.


Jo Murray said...

Two of my faves.. I have books on both these artists... a constant source of inspiration.

Martha Marshall said...

I guessed right on the Joan Mitchell one. Fun seeing these images together.

smellofpaint said...

I think Joan Mitchell is very relevant today...saw that show in NY... all were large oils.... somewhat mixed in impact. Her pastels though -- all that I've seen -- are gourgeous, and show her as one of our best late 20c. artists! >>PHILIP<<