Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recent Work of All Sizes

If you re a regular reader, you have no doubt realized that I've been shirking my blogging duties recently. I have felt that there was not much to be said about anything. I blame this on Facebook sucking away my writing energy. Yes, yes, it's all Facebook's fault. I take no responsibility. So, since Facebook has taken it upon itself to make drastic changes in its format that no one seems able to understand or master, I feel overwhelmed by it and unable to cope. It has driven me back to blogging.

This too, too obvious title came to mind for my post, but I resisted. (The book title originally
belonged to  Thomas Hardy, of course, but I liked this image better.)

Anyway, tonight instead of Facebook, I went down the list of blogs I used to follow in pre-Facebook-Obsession days. One of those was Alexandre Masino's blog and his post was called "Oeuvre Recente" (except with an acute accent over the first "e" which Blogger won't let me put in). I loved that post title and even understood it with my limited (read, mostly nonexistent) French. It has a much more distinguished and arty feel than "Recent Work." However, I am resorting to the English translation for my post.

What my work table looks like when I'm making little pieces

Little Work
Today I finished up making 13 small pieces in the Running Stitch series. They range from 6"x6" to 22" x 10". Although I have previously made some small ones, I overpainted all the elements with encaustic so they had a much different look. These little ones were made in the standard Running Stitch way. I didn't photo all the pieces, but just had a photo from the other day when there were only eight of them.

Note that they still have their blue tape on the sides. The sides, when untaped, will all be black.

This one is my favorite (10"x8"). I love this green color of the encaustic,
a color I mixed but one that is near a new color Hylla Evans is considering making.
This piece is being gifted to the dear Binster.

What brought on this surge of littleness? -  you might ask. I have a submission in mind and am making them for that purpose.

Next on the docket are three pieces I am making for the MassArt Auction. This year, because I am represented by Arden Gallery, my work will be eligible for the live auction. That is, if they jury in one of my works. I thought it would be worth the opportunity of experiencing the live auction and the publicity for me and for Arden. We'll see what happens. If they don't want anything, shame on them and I'll have another three smallish pieces in my inventory. More about this later.

Another view of the same thing, from the other direction. Feel any different?

Big Work - In Another Medium
It all started when I happened to see a sale on big stretched canvases at a local art supply store. They were discounted 50 percent, and I thought it was a really good deal since they had a lot of 48" x 48" and larger for pretty cheap prices. The stretchers were inch and a half deep with canvas wrapped around the sides, and while they were not finest quality, they were not bad (Windsor & Newton). So I first bought six of the 48" x 48". The next week, I went back and bought six more 48" x 48" plus two 60" x 48". In the interim of purchasing the two lots, I had been invited to have a solo show next year at an art center in Springfield, and I thought these canvases would be just the thing. (Note - you can click on pix to enlarge)

Aqua Electric, 48" x 48", oil and oil pastel on canvas

Big Sea, 60" x 48", oil and oil pastel on canvas

You see, I had a hankering for working in oil paint. I really love mixing color, and while I do some of that with encaustic, it's much easier with oil. I also wanted to just paint instead of doing the constructing that I do with my encaustic work.

Sunrise, 48" x 48", oil on canvas

Sunset, 48" x 48", oil on canvas

Clouds, 48" x 48", oil on canvas

I did have fun with these. I bought a supply of some great medium that was alkyd based, sort of a semi-gel thing that came in a quart-sized can. I mixed individual colors on small paper plates and I used chip brushes that I could throw out instead of having to clean. I wanted my oil painting experience to be as much fun and as pain free as possible.

Bright Future, 60" x 48", oil and oil pastel on canvas

So outside of their having some dumb titles, I am quite happy with these pieces. They are not masterpieces but they are colorful and uncomplicated. I am hoping that my art consultant will sell them in the corporate market in the interim since I can always paint more for the show next year.

I wish I had some photos of my studio while I was painting these because it had to be turned over strictly to oil painting while I was working. It's a messy process compared to encaustic - at least the way I work, but I do enjoy it. The smell of oil paint always gets to me since that's the medium I first used.

Although you might not pick these pieces out in a crowd as genuine Natales, I think you can see the relationship to my Running Stitch work. We all have a way that we work that can't be hidden no matter which medium is used - or which size.


Karen Jacobs said...

Yep, the relationship is there, for sure! Wow... that's quite a handsome body of work... how ever did you manage to tend to FB problems and accomplish so much as well ? ;)

Wendy Rodrigue Magnus said...

I absolutely LOVE this post. Thank you for sharing your thought process and especially your small 'Running Stitch' series and new paintings. Great stuff, Nancy.

And your prose is downright charming --- I smiled all the way through, feeling your happiness, as though you whistled while you worked.

Tamar said...

What a productive period for you Nancy! It seems that working in a different size and medium has been wonderfully liberating. (lucky Binnie!)
As for FB, it can gobble up far too much of our time......although the new scrolling feed is there to demand our attention, I'm working hard to ignore as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FACEBOOK for pushing Nancy to return to blogging! (Otherwise, FB you are tiresome these days...)

Nancy this is such good energy and a terrific range of work. Thanks for sharing and for your usual wit.

elena nuez said...

and a big hello from Madrid


Ben Stansfield said...

Another vote for getting a peek into your process.
What I find interesting is that while you feel the need to work in another medium, oil (my predominant medium), I've found your encaustic work egging me on the try my hand at assemblage!
Thanks Nancy.

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for commenting, everybody. I am glad you are still reading my blog even though I've been waylaid by that evil FB. And I'm glad you liked the work!

Sarah Grossberg said...

I love all your work. You are very inspiring to me. I'm in agreement with you regarding Facebook. I find myself spending more of my time away from it since the new scrolling feed. It makes my mind feel too fractured and I just have to walk away from it.
Love your posts!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

These are all wonderful!! I would love to walk into a gallery and see these hung as a solo show. More, more!!

smellofpaint said...

Really liked your Aqua Electric!.. Also, looking forward to seeing the pieces you sent to the Arden... and pretty inspiring to see your process..!

Incidentally, were you still planning to set up a notification for when your make new blog entries?..

Kelly M. said...

enjoyed your post, esp. re FB -- lots of lost time on that thing! love your "little" works -- intriguing!

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Love seeing the new work! Thanks for sharing so much. I haven't been on FB much lately as I'm just burned out on so much of it. I look forward to more Nancy on your blog.

CMC said...

Thanks for posting again, Nancy. I love all of your work. It's great to see other artists mentioning their pull to also work in different sizes and materials. I think working back and forth with several mediums enhances each one. It's also good to see someone posting comments on the actual blog instead of just on FB when the networked blog post comes up. I was beginning to think we all are only commenting on FB these days.