Monday, December 20, 2010

Arting in New York - A Report Outline

The Binster and I have had two previous expeditions in NYC this year - once in February when Central Park had just received 17 inches of snow and the city was barely open and again in July when it was about 100 degrees (F) and everyone wanted to stay indoors in the A.C. This time the weather was cold but clear and the streets were mobbed with shoppers and Christmas tourists. In certain sections of the city, it was pedestrian gridlock. Really! Luckily, Binnie is a master at the crowd clearing elbow and I just followed in her wake, keeping my eye on her and a tight grip on my pocketbook.

At Rockefeller Center with crowds, lights, flags and The Tree (click to enlarge)

Binster and the dancing bubble and snowflake show on the side of Saks' Fifth Ave. way in the background (be sure to enlarge)

Our schedule went like this:

Thursday night
Luminosity at 180 degrees - an exhibition in the Flynn Gallery at the Greenwich Public Library featuring NEW members Kim Bernard and Richard Keen plus Mark Dooley, Leah MacDonald and Martha Robinson.

Friday in Chelsea
Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian 24th St. and Robert Rauschenberg at Gagosian 21st St.
Group show at Stephen Haller Gallery
Lee Krasner at Robert Miller Gallery
Storm Tharp at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
Vivid: Female Currents in Painting and Pavers at Schroeder Romero + Shredder
Tomas Saraceno at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
Plus a few other assorted galleries

Saturday Uptown
On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century and ABstract EXpressionist New York - MoMA
John Walker at Knoedler
Betye Saar at Michael Rosenfeld
Judith Godwin at Spanierman Gallery
Waxing Poetic at Marymount Manhattan College featuring Willow Bader, Francisco Benitez, Marybeth Rothman, Kathleen Thompson
Macy's, Lord + Taylor and Saks' Christmas windows
Rockefeller Center

I took 420 pictures and went through two camera batteries. I only bought one catalog and didn't even go into the bookstore at MoMA.

So the plan is to make several posts about all this and show you some images from the shows. We saw some great work, some so-so work and some lousy/boring/weird/unresolved/overworked/why bother work. I guess that's just the world of art.

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Wendy Rodrigue Magnus said...

Love these photographs! And can't wait to read about your artsy adventures-