Sunday, November 21, 2010

YES, A New Beginning for New England Wax

Those members present at a meeting of New England Wax yesterday voted to continue New England Wax with a new structure in 2011. This is very good news for all of us who have benefited so much from the wonderful friendships and networking that have resulted from this group.

I was not present at the meeting, but those members who were undertook the task of setting the direction for the revamped organization. They did a wonderful job by honestly evaluating the group and deciding how to move forward in the best way. I commend them on their decisiveness and wisdom about how to proceed.

Membership for 2011 will be by invitation, and they have prepared a list of 48 current members who will be invited for 2011. They have put in place a temporary structure to carry the group forward until voting in more permanent officers at a planned meeting at the end of January. For the time being, they have tabled some decisions about further shaping of the group, but they have put them on the agenda for the future. I admire and applaud the deliberation and action that was taken. My name is on the list of 48 and I, along with Kim, Sue Katz and Lynette Haggard, have been offered a complementary membership for 2011. I will be happy to accept and settle in as one of the many fortunate members of the new NEW. I think I will enjoy plain, old membership a lot without having to do so much work. Of course I will be happy to volunteer for various tasks, but I am resolving to let someone else have a chance at taking charge.

Thank you, NEW members, for rising to the occasion and believing in the value of keeping New England Wax.  Onward and upward into the new year!

(Images from the internet except for the NEW logo, designed by Sue Katz)


Wendy Rodrigue Magnus said...

What a wonderful inspiration for arts organizations -- and a positive message through your images as well. Thank you for sharing, as always, Nancy. The encaustic community, the ARTS community, and certainly the BLOGGING community are lucky to have you-

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Sounds like a good solid plan to continue. It's great when things come together.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, this is a good turning point. And it will be nice to pass the baton.

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for commenting, Wendy, Terry and Lynette. We all have our fingers crossed for a successful transition to a great new group.