Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Count Down to Registration

A luscious selection of paint, tools, torches, brushes and everything you've always wanted to experiment with at last year's conference just before a demo began. (Photo by Sally Seamans from the conference blogsite)

Can you feel it? The air is starting to tingle as hundreds of rabid (or at least avid) encaustic painters flex their fingers, watch their clocks and GET READY TO REGISTER.

Whoo Hoo! Beginning registration for this year's Annual Encaustic Conference is mere days away on FRIDAY, JANUARY 15TH. Early registration gets you a reduced rate and first choice of the multitude of offerings.

the Hardie Buildiing where most of the talks and demos take place

First, check out the wonderful blogsite where you are sure to begin drooling (or at least salivating) over the magnificent selection of talks, demos, vendors and opportunities to network for several days in the warm and welcoming bosom of the encaustic world.

Next, keep clicking this link starting at midnight on January 14th to see when actual registration starts and you can sign in using the Magic Bright Yellow Box on the page.

Last year the college's new dorms were still under construction, but now they are shiny new and ready for encaustic conference residents.

This is the fourth year of the conference and every year it keeps getting better. The founder and Director of the conference,Joanna Mattera, also author of the encaustic bible, The Art of Encaustic Painting (but you knew that), promises to outdo even the fantastic event she organized last year. So, really, don't miss it and sign up early so you can get a break on the fee and a good shot at taking in the talks and demos you want.

Supria Karmakar, art blogger from Canada, and Joanne Mattera chatting at last year's conference.

I'll be there and talking about the Why, How and Who of Art Blogging. If you've ever wanted to promote your art with a blog, see how easy it can be to set one up and get rolling. You, too, can join the virtual community and share your intimate secrets with an infinite number of strangers across the world.

Scenes from last year:

A happy group of waxers outside the 301 Gallery observing Miles Conrad's window installation

A beautiful Beverly doorway on a side street near the college

Lunch outside - Cid Bolduc (left) and Sue Katz (right) engage in a deep discussion. (apologies to the unidentified gent in the center)

The lovely, personable and talented Kim Bernard at the opening of her show at the college last year. Kim will be teaching during the conference as well as at a three-day post conference session on Exploring Dimensionality.

Greg Wright, winner of the Conference Award at last year's juried show, with one of his amazing paintings. Greg will be teaching a 90-minute demo called Patterned Effects and Visual Texture - a must for those who wonder: How does he do it that?

And last but not least, I was so in tune with the waxy nature of the event last year that a giant bee landed on my shoe while I was having lunch. I think I heard it whisper "Mama" but I could be wrong.

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Supria Karmakar said...

Heh there Nancy:
Good to hear from you..looking forward to catching up with you at the conference..yeah isn't totally awesome in one day 100 registrations...wowza.. Thanks for the great shot of Joanne and I...I would love to also use this picture and can link over to your site if that is okay?