Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting Loaded

It's been a long day and this is how it started...

Three trips from the studio to the car with loaded shopping cart. Hey, that's no bag lady - that's my wife!

Soon the World's Greatest Packer had the car all loaded.

And - Voila! - it was done.


Then all I had to do was drive an hour and a half to ArtSpace in Maynard and unload the car - with Lynette's kind assistance.

And before I knew it, all the fun lay ahead of me...


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Hi, I've found you while visiting Leslie and thought I'd drop by for a visit. Good luck with this show...a huge gallery space!I like your work very much and will be interesting in seeing the show up on the walls.
Visit me anytime.
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy-
I hope you survived the hanging process. I am looking forward to seeing the show.

Nancy Natale said...

Hi Mary Ann - thanks for your nice note. I'll leave you another comment on your blog

Hi Catherine - I'm glad you're coming (since it's in your neighborhood) and hope you'll like it in person.