Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun With Color

Here's a fun site where you can Shephard Faireycize your images ala the Obama/HOPE poster. I used it for the eye avatar image in my Google profile (see the image in the sidebar) - first in the political colors and then in my own blend via PhotoShop. I'm not much of a PhotoShopper - just know enough to usually do what I need to - but changing the color was fairly easy once I had made it red/white/blue.

How my Happy Family would look as a Shephard Fairey poster.

Political colors versus the colors in the real painting. (Here's where my lack of PhotoShop skills become apparent because I failed to put a border around my real piece - but you get the idea.)

I guess now that Shephard Fairey has made it into the National Gallery, his work is no longer cutting edge. How soon fame's brief flame flickers and dies!

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