Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Provincetown At Last

After a year of looking forward to arriving at the site of the annual encaustic conference (since last year's conference), I am here in Provincetown and welcoming friends as they arrive. Old Home Week was never so sweet, and this year I'm so glad that I arrived several days before the actual start of the conference this Friday, June 1st. I have had a little time to walk around and immerse myself in Provincetown's unique atmosphere before putting my mind to all things encaustic.

Sky with parking lot at the Provincetown Inn

This morning is much clearer than yesterday when it was foggy and so dewy or misty that my glasses kept getting obscured. Yesterday morning when I woke up very early, I took a long walk all the way to Herring Cove Beach a mile or so away.

Long view across the moors and dunes to the sea

The foggy morning, the damp and salty sea air reminded me of my original home in Boston, so different from where I live now in the western, landlocked side of Massachusetts.

Land sculpted by tides

But Boston never looked like this -- or at least not for hundreds of years.

The history of water's movement across the land was fascinating to me as I walked along. Beach grass, sand, growing vegetation and wood dragged and dropped by tides all formed a textured landscape and a record of movement.

Texture - what texture!

I guess my mind was on bricolage and patterns - as usual.

View of the breakwater side of the inn. The breakwater is the long line
at the top of the photo

Well, I had better get moving because today I'm teaching my first workshop on Wax and Bricolage. Everything is ready to roll but I have to fire up the griddles and get that wax a-meltin'.

More latah!

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