Monday, July 11, 2011

July Show at Arden

I had a wonderful time yesterday at Arden Gallery. A few artist friends and my always-supportive wife Bonnie were there celebrating my first appearance on Newbury Street with me, and I was available to meet some collectors that Arden had invited. Bonnie took all these photos - thanks for a great job!

Me with Brought to Tears, 24x24

First of all, the people of Arden are great - very welcoming, enthusiastic and warm. Everybody should be so lucky to be represented by such a terrific gallery!

Some Fell Among Thorns, 24x42, and Schematic, 30x40

This is the picture that was in the sneak peek, so you've seen this already, but I'm going to go around the gallery and show you how each piece relates to the other. There were just five pieces in the show, but they were beautifully displayed and lit. I thought they looked great in place (but then I'm prejudiced).

Some Fell Among Thorns

Schematic, 30x40, with Brought to Tears

The gallery where my work was exhibited is the middle room of three in the gallery. There is an opening into the third room between the picture above and the one below. On the other side of the opening, the walls are painted a lovely soft brown, which really complemented my work.

Passing Days, 24x24, and Cinch, 30x40

On the small wall between rooms, two amazing works in encaustic by Matt Duffin were hung

Here Greg Wright, Joanne Mattera and I (back to camera) are discussing Schematic

Lynette Haggard and Binnie Birstein examine my book about
the Running Stitch series (apparently a real sketch)

Joanne tells us what's what. Here we're in the third room of the gallery
where works from each of Arden's artists is shown.

Three works by Joanne Mattera along with those of other gallery artists

Andy Woodward, one of the Arden staff, with a large Joanne Mattera work

We resort to drink (spring water) in the front room of the gallery. 

The featured artist in the front room was Teri Malo. Here are three of her smaller works.

To get the color and image right, here is Teri Malo's A Deeper Measure from Arden's website

A nice shot of Lynette with Joanne. In the background,
one of Teri's works with a window onto Newbury Street.

A good time was had by all, as you can see.

This was a lovely introduction for me with a lot of laughs and much discussion of art, artists, shows and, of course, personalities. Not shown in these pictures were Linda Cordner, Philip Gerstein, Eleanor Steinadler, Cynthia and Richard Frost, and Chris Kyle and her husband (sorry, I don't have your name). There were others that I don't know, but thanks to everyone who came to take a look (and not just at my work).

Then today, back to the studio to finish a big piece. An artist's work is never done.


Jhina Alvarado said...

The show looks great! Congrats!

Wendy Rodrigue Magnus said...

Nancy, I absolutely love this! Your show is fabulous, and you look so happy in the pictures. I wish I could see this in person. Congratulations on a beautiful exhibition!

Judy Wise said...

What a beautiful celebration of your work and yes, you all look so happy.

Your titles are very moving. They've given me a lot to think about.

Congratulations indeed.

Tamar said...

Thanks for the walk through--the exhibit looks wonderful and you look absolutely radiant! Congratulations!

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Jhina, Wendy, Judy and Tamar. I appreciate your interest and support. Yes, I guess I was pretty happy indeed. And I still am.

Joe Godleski said...

Nancy, the structure and the rhythm of your work are quite striking. Need to see these in person. Well done!!