Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More About the Encaustic Conference

Surface and below

I've been home for four days and I'm still not here. I wake up at night and don't know where I am. Do you think I have a problem, doctor?

It's not only that I don't travel much, but that my brain and all my senses were so thoroughly taken up with wax and its adherents that it's taking me a while to settle back into my life. Perhaps after I've spent a couple of days in the studio, I'll feel relocated into normalcy.

Note: click on pix to enlarge

Saturday at the Conference
My blog posts have joined me in being discombobulated because I've already posted images from the vendor room that I took on Saturday. But surely we could stand more surprise pix.

I just love the I'll-get-you-for-this expression on Joanne's face

Never too many diamonds!

A stunning example of bricolage sculpture, if I do say so myself.
I understand that Pippa has put my phone number into her rolodex.

After participating in the Managing Media panel Saturday morning and pulling off the great Thank-You-Joanne Surprise, I spent the day in the vendor room trying to blog and just hanging out. Matter of fact, I spent most of the actual conference hanging out in the vendor room, and I understand from the Conference Director that the Bureau of Encaustic Affairs will be conducting an investigation into my overly-social behavior.

Sunday at the Conference
So before They catch up with me, let's move right over to Sunday when we all had such fun at the Art Fair. Debra Ramsay did an excellent long-distance job of organizing this event, and next year I hope she will appear in person. I took way too many pictures, but here are a few that I liked.

Binnie's and my cards outside our room

Binnie's work

My work

David Clark and Laura Moriarty visiting our room

Kimberly Kent's work

Bascha Mon's prints of her head paintings

A page from Kay Hartung's book

Jane Longman's work

Kathleen Lemoine

Dottie Furlong-Gardner's monotypes

Karen Frazer's beehive

Corina Alvarez Delugo

A stack by Marybeth Rothman and Lisa Pressman
 (including the red one of Lisa's that I bought)

Work on the bed by Peggy Epner and on the table by Deanna Wood

Good sign for four painters

Good sign and a good promo poster

Amazing trompe l'oeil work by Christine Kyle

Jane Nodine's work

Jane looking like the cat who swallowed the canary (many sold pieces)

Michelle Belto's work

Karen Freeman and her work

Jessica Greene's work (my only studio student - note those "sold" signs)

Elena DeLaVille

One of Elena's works

Cherie Mittenthal and her work

Joanne Mattera's work (and on the left note the conference trophy)

David Clark's installation

Pamela Blum's bathroom exhibition

Part of Laura Moriarty's bathroom installation

Charyl Weissbach's two-panel work (this work turned yellow/green
in the camera but was actually a more neutral color)

Detail of above 

This was a lot of fun. Next year I hope we can get a list of participants and their room numbers so we will be sure not to miss those we want to see. This year, without such a list, it was always a surprise to find out who was behind the next door. I did like that discovery aspect of it, so maybe we should just leave it the way it was.

The Art Trade
Lisa Pressman and I organized this participatory event and I counted 60 people there. I don't think all of them were trading, but the vast majority were. This last event of the conference was also a lot of fun, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures except some really blurry ones of Lisa and me.

We look like we're right off the bingo lineup at the local VFW.

Next year we need to plan an earlier event because we were all dragging by the time the last ticket was drawn and package chosen. I think just about everyone was very pleased with the work they received in exchange. People were very generous and really gave nice pieces. And we did have a few laughs - always an important component.

Addendum: How could I forget Jackie Battenfeld's talk Saturday night? It was informative and inspiring. Now I'll have to read the book that's been in my studio since last year's conference.

Keynote Speaker Jackie Battenfeld in the Mayflower Room

Next post: Kim Bernard's post-con workshop in mold making and casting.


jane longman said...

Nancy, thanks for sharing my work in your post!

lisa said...

Oh yes-BINGO!!
and yes I was dragging.

It was great fun.
And so good to see the pictures of the art fair. Marybeth and I barely made it out of our room to see it.
Thanks for posting

Nancy Natale said...

You are welcome, Jane. It was beautiful and I enjoyed meeting you so much!

Lisa, next year we'll have to see if we can liven up the Art Trade by making it more bingo-ish. We could wear hats?! (There goes my hat fetish again.) Glad you enjoyed the Art Fair pix. It was great fun to see everything.

Unknown said...

Nancy, thanks for including my work from the the Hotel Fair. I wanted to bring work to the conference for feedback and also to participate in the Fair & trade so I made several small panels (8X8")from my current "Venetian Lace" series so I could manage them in the travel. I also made little easels out of black foamcore. I had very positive responses to this new work, and offering a special conference price, I was pleased to have several sales and better yet, I believe the pieces have gone to homes where they will be enjoyed. Looking to next year I encourage artists to participate in this event and it occurred to me that we might be able to cluster and use the Mayflower room with the Alfredo Room and the next room that I think was the Westend Room for the Fair presentation.

Karen Frazer said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for including my "Beehive" from the hotel fair. Seeing a person's work and the person and being able to speak with them was very special.It was one of my favorite events. Well that and the keynote address...and the vendor room and the talks and the workshops and ...

Lynda Ray said...

What a thorough and fun posting Nancy. There was a lot of planning involved, but it also seemed loose enough to leave room for creative solutions and thinking. I loved every minute I could be there.

Anonymous said...

Yet another terrific post. You are definitely going to see me at the fair next year! So sorry not to have taken in the whole show. Please make it much earlier though, the late nights and early mornings and very full days were tough to do every day!!

Nancy Natale said...

Jane - I wish I had gotten there earlier. I couldn't believe the special conference price you were offering for those lovely pieces. The foamcore easels were a great touch and an inventive idea. Special work and prices for the conference would go over very well.

Karen - You're right that the combo of the work and the person was unique and valuable.

Lynda - True - planned and loose - a winning mix. Good to see you and chat a little.

Lynette - I know you will be in good shape next year. Yes, the late nights and early mornings have got to stop. I was a dead duck on that Monday after the Art Fair. Next year, earlier.

Debra Ramsay said...

Really glad to see the hotel fair pics...and am thrilled to see what a great job people did with signage and inventive ways to show off their work to it's full potential. I was sorry to have to miss the conference this year.

Now that the hotel fair has taken on a life of it's own...I'm already thinking of what I can contribute to the next conference...I think it will be a training regime so everyone can maintain the morning till midnight pace. Get yer sneakers ready...

Corina S. Alvarezdelugo said...

Oh wow! Nancy, thank you for including my picture in your wonderful review from the Conference. It was so nice to meet you in person and sharing with you a full day of mold making at Kim's workshop! Loved how you lend yourself to be "mommified"!!! Have you cast your face in wax yet? Can't wait to see it!!

Also, I really enjoyed the pictures from your bricolage class. I hope I can take your class next year, looks like fun and a great creative challenge...