Sunday, May 8, 2011

Out of the Studio

Between one thing and another, I don't get out much to look at art, but on Friday I went to Boston to deliver some work and made a long day of it by visiting a few galleries, stopping in at Greg Wright's opening at Galatea Fine Art and concluding the day at dinner with friends. (I know that Greg is going to blog about his own opening, so I'm leaving that to him.)

SOWA (South of Washington Street) Artists District in Boston's South End. This is an outdoor mall where galleries and other stores are located at street level. The entrance to a big artists' studio building, 450 Harrison Ave., is also located here.

Despite being a native of Boston, I don't get in there much since I'm about a two-hour drive away in western Massachusetts. When I visit now, it's always mind bending because I'm seeing the new/current along with the remembered. The South End has been mostly gentrified and revamped to the extent that I barely know where I am, although it's surprising how quickly the automatic mental GPS kicks in.

At Arden Gallery, Matt Duffin, Untitled (Tricycle), encaustic on panel

Earlier in the day I also went to a few galleries in the older district of Newbury Street, home of Arden Gallery, located in Boston's Back Bay near the Public Garden, Copley Square and other well-kown spots. Other than the work at Arden, where Matt Duffin was showing, I was not particularly bowled over by anything I saw.

Chase Young Gallery

Cynthia Packard , Blue Arrangement, 36"x36", oil and mixed media on panel

One South End gallery I did like was Chase Young Gallery, which had a show on of gallery artists entitled "Blue," that included the work above by Cynthia Packard, a Provincetown artist I wrote about in my Provincetown Art Context post. This had a great surface and an interesting darkness about it that may not be apparent here.

Kathryn Frund, Rapture, Rupture No. 6, 16"x16"

Kathryn Frund is an artist whose work in the show I particularly liked. Lynette Haggard had featured her previously in her blog here. I liked the work online but in person I really, really liked it. Note to self: Get out more.

Kathryn Frund, Intimate Alignments and Intimate Matters, each  16"x16", mixed media on panel

Detail of Intimate Alignments

Other work that interested me was ink on mylar by Katina Huston.

Katina Huston, Saxaphone Square, 24"x24"

Katina Huston, Blue French, 24"x24"

Last month I missed Elise Wagner's show at Chase Young, but there were still a couple of her pieces on display in the back gallery. They are powerful works with great surfaces.

Elise Wagner, Event Horizon, 36"24", encaustic, monoprint, oil on panel

Event Horizon detail

There was not enough room to really stand back from this piece, so I apologize for the bad photo framing.

Elise Wagner, Quantum Singularity II, 24"x70", encaustic and oil

Detail of Quantum Singularity

Then, since it was First Friday Open Studios, I went upstairs in 450 Harrison Avenue to visit a couple of friends.

Charyl Weissbach

Charyl Weissbach working in her studio 

Charyl's studio with comleted works - and visitors

Charyl will be teaching a post-conference workshop titled "Mainly Metals" at The Encaustic Conference next month.

Linda Cordner

Linda Cordner is another friend whose studio I visited.

Works displayed in Linda's studio

Closeup of a new work by Linda (much better in person)

Susan Still Scott

Finally, I went over to Kingston Gallery, where Susan Scott had a show in the back gallery. She has also been featured on Lynette Haggard's blog and I met her at the Danforth Museum in Framingham, where she had a solo show last fall..

The work below is all within 15"x15"x 8" size and is constructed of acrylic and flashe paint on canvas or cotton duck, wood, wire, string, polyfille and acrylic polymer. All dated 2011. This is provocative and surprising work that compels viewing from many angles to figure out what's going on.

Susan Scott, Turtle Shirt

Susan Scott with Turtle Shirt

Black Ecstatic, View 1

Black Ecstatic, View 2

Trophy Painting, View 1

Trophy Painting, View 2

Reach, View 1

Reach, View 2

Mugpee Mashpee

And a good time was had by all!


Kimberly said...

This was a fun tour. Thank you Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! For those of us in the boonies, you make it possible for us to see art in the city. Katina Huston was a fellow art student. Nice to see what her work is doing now!

Tam Cronin said...

Always a treat to read your blog. Thanks for the tour, Nancy!

Ann Knickerbocker said...

Wow! Thanks... I feel as if I had been there, too. Love, especially, Linda Cordner, Katina Huston, Cynthia Packard. Terrific, inspiring art ... You have a wonderful eye!

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for your comments, everybody. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.