Saturday, May 22, 2010

Illusion of Control

This time of year in the garden marks the season when I think I am in control. The plants haven't filled out, some early blooming perennials like iris and peonies are starting to come in and everything is just very green. It's so restful without all those nasty weeds and the urgent struggle of one plant trying to overcome another. Ahh spring!

This is the time when I imagine that I'll be able to undertake all those garden projects on the ever-growing list. I'll fit in garden time and studio time because, really, there's not all that much to do.

The birds are singing, courting and nesting, hummingbirds have returned, skies are blue, etc., etc.

And everything is so neat and well behaved. (Here you see in the background the Weber grill that serves as garden sculpture.)

The one exception is these lousy peonies (in pink) that demand support and then go to mush in rain. (Note the poor planning of the yellow and orange pansies - but they were there first.) Let's see how long it takes me to cut off these mushy, dead or dying blooms.

The moss and ferns are great at this time of year when it's still so dampish and cool. (Note the found - unearthed - Easter Island figure.)

Perfect little hostas emerge so sweetly.

Or some have enormous leaves, bigger than dinner plates, with not a trace of insect hole, wind damage, sun burn, etc., etc.

This is some European ginger I rescued that was growing wild in the front lawn. I'm rooting it here.

This is what it looks like when it's established. It's a lovely shade groundcover.

The yard looks a lot like a park with the shade trees and chairs. No annuals yet to water and deadhead.

And the boys are always in attendance. 

If only the illusion would last.


Kathleen said...

Apparently all of the weeds are in my gardens instead of yours!

Kathleen said...

Apparently all of the weeds are in my gardens instead of yours!

Nancy Natale said...

You must have sent some over, Kathleen, because they're starting their stealthy invasion. Once they creep in, good night, Irene. It's like Afghanistan all over - only with less blood and money.

layers said...

the 'boys' are like statues to the entrance to your gardens-- lovely gardens- I also have to find the time divided between the gardens and my studio in the spring and summer-- oh and fall- the only break I get is during the winter..but I do love my gardens.

Nancy Natale said...

Thank you for commenting, Donna. It's always a tug of war between the studio and the garden. I'm settling in for a full garden workout this weekend. Those weeds came up overnight and nearly turned into trees! It's funny how we forget all the garden work in winter and just remember the beauty and fragrance.