Monday, April 12, 2010

Call for Art - Pick Up The Pieces Show

The Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson is calling for donations of art in any medium with a maximum size of 16" x 16" to be sold in their Red Dot "Pick Up the Pieces" show running at the gallery from May 1 through May 29th. Work will be priced below market value for quick sale to benefit artists whose work was stolen from the gallery at the end of March. Get full details at the gallery's website:

Back Story
For five years the Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson has been hosting an annual encaustic invitational show. This year was the first time that I submitted work and it was accepted for the Fifth Annual Encaustic Invitational in February. Some time after the show closed on Saturday night, March 26th, the gallery was burglarized. Not only were all their computers and electronic equipment stolen, but so were 13 paintings from the show. The gallery had self insured the artists' work, meaning that they guaranteed to reimburse the artists for their work if anything happened to it while it was in their care.

"Redacted" - one of the recovered paintings.

"Tale of Shadows" also recovered.

The gallery offered a reward for the no-questions-asked return of the paintings, and a few days after the theft, they got a call that alerted them to three paintings that had been left in an alley. Two of those were my paintings. They are slightly damaged, according to Miles Conrad, but probably can be repaired without too much trouble. Deanna Woods' piece was the third piece found, and I don't know the state that it was in. So there are still 10 paintings missing. Here's the link showing them all: If you should happen to see any of them, please alert the gallery.

Meanwhile, please take a look around your studio and see if you have some small pieces that you can donate to the gallery. This is really a worthwhile cause. The Conrad Wilde Gallery is a small but influential gallery run by really fine people. Please help them and the artists whose work was stolen to recover from this contemptible theft.

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What a good idea. I'll be sending something, this is a great cause.