Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Arden Show Reviewed

Featured in the Arden show - Schematic, 2011, 30x40 inches,
mixed media with encaustic on panel (click to enlarge)

In case you haven't seen the blog post yet, this afternoon Joanne Mattera reviewed my current show at Arden Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston (up until July 30th). Joanne is starting a new feature, cleverly called "Critical Mass," in which she reviews shows in Massachusetts. I was fortunate enough to be included in the premiere post, along with Jennifer Riley and Damian Hoar de Galvan, who are showing at Carroll & Sons Gallery in the South End.

Starting off with "If Nancy Natale is not known to the New York art world she should be," Joanne went on to allude to my work as "the love child of Lee Bontecou and El Anatsui." She described it as "equal parts formal beauty and polyrhythmic muscle."

Wow! How great is that? Thank you, Joanne! If anyone wants to know, you can tell them that I do not yet have a New York dealer but of course I'm interested.

And just in case you think I haven't been working away in the studio while the show was on, here's the newest piece from the Running Stitch series.

Red Passage, 2011, 24x60 inches, encaustic and mixed media
on three joined panels (click to enlarge)

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