Monday, June 7, 2010

Ahead of the Crowd

I delivered my work to Montserrat today for the library show and did some pre-conference snooping around in my best Nancy Drew style. My investigation was strictly above board and I was accompanied by the Conference Director herself, Joanne Mattera. I took many pictures - so many that I'm dividing this post into two parts: Part One being the conference itself and Part Two (appearing  Wednesday a.m.) on the lovely new dorm.

Second Floor Hall Way Grid - this is where each conferee may hang one of their works.

One section of the grid showing the screw in place for hanging.

Note:  Don't forget to bring the label for your piece. See Joanne's label instructions here. Look for the red font.

Wrapped works for the library show, Wax Libris II. Ariel is patching the wall above the bookcase where pieces will be installed.

Justin readies drop cloths for painting the library wall.

Upstairs, one of the two vendor rooms with vendor supplies stacked in readiness.

Griddles and frying pans are ready to roll.

Rachel prepares a second floor demo room by wrapping the table.

Another demo room on the third floor stands ready for action.

A view from behind the podium in Room 201, a lecture room with internet connectivity and digital projector.

Outside, Beverly Common waits tranquilly. We saw the truck arriving with the tent that will be set up for serving lunches.

Down Cabot Street, the 301 Gallery quietly stands ready.

I'm peering through the window at a single preparator inside as he observes paintings he has hung for the Flow and Control show.

Still no sign of the wax balls that will be installed in this window of the gallery. I'm looking forward to seeing those.

Mighty decorative graffiti outside the 301 Gallery.

Farther down Cabot Street, the church where the assemblies are held has a new coat of yellow paint that gives it a fresh and non-traditional New England look.

This was a fun peek behind the scenes. It gave me some inkling of the vast amount of work entailed in running our wonderful annual encaustic conferences. Three cheers for Joanne Mattera who has a hand in everywhere - from organizing the wonderful roster to maintaining the vast and engaging conference blog to organizing boxes of vendor supplies and moving demo tables. What a dynamo!

Tomorrow: A look at the brand new Helena J. Sturnick Village dorm.


Binnie said...

BRAVO!!!! waiting for more from Nancy Drew!

Tamarise Cronin said...

Exciting! Looking forward to seeing more pics!