Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome, Followers!

I was surprised to find that my baby blog had two followers. Welcome, you two believers! I'll try to keep it interesting and post as often as I can. Feel free to comment and/or make suggestions.

And welcome to anyone else who wants to jump on the bandwagon and follow along! Just click on "follow this blog" in the "Followers" widget in the sidebar and sign yourself in. You won't get any pesky emails, solicitations for contributions, or demands for your time. It just allows me to get my blog out there into the search engines.
Thanks for your interest!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a great blog! Thanks for introducing me to Joan Mitchell! And now you have three followers.

Nancy Natale said...

Welcome, Leslie! Thanks for signing up.

I took a look at your own blog and it's really great. Your work is lovely - I like the mostly black and white and sketchy marks on top - very nice. I'm glad to know that you're following!