Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally - Just a Week to Go

Only a week left until January 20th when our new president is sworn in! It can't come soon enough for me - especially with the fiasco of a press conference we had from Bush today. Please. Did we need any more reminders about how out of touch he is? We've had more than enough, thanks. Just get the hell out of here and let the new guy in.

We're into the spirit of the thing here at our house. Call us silly, but we've got our Obama mugs and t-shirts ready, and we'll be watching all the historic proceedings sippin' Obama Rama coffee from Dean's Beans and decked out with our guy's name on our chests. I have to have my box of Kleenex handy because I know the tears will be streaming down my face when our first African-American president takes the oath of office with his hand on Abe Lincoln's bible. I guess I would be crying anyway even if all that symbolism wasn't part of the ceremony. I'm so glad to see someone become president that we can all be proud of and listen to with pleasure instead of embarrassment. Won't it be nice to have a president who speaks in sentences and paragraphs and has a brain?

What a weight our new president will have on his shoulders! But he also has all those hopes and dreams and people wishing him well. He will need our help to bring back our country from the pit it's fallen into thanks to you-know-who and he-who-will-hopefully-soon-be-forgotten. Oh, happy day - just one week away!

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