Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art's Fringe Benefits

Hanging out with other artists and talking art is nearly as good as making the stuff. No one gets it like other artists do, and an extended stretch of time with art pals is just a wonderful time to share news, enthusiasms, stories and opinions about art.

Binnie Birstein before the opening of NEW @ FAC

Last weekend I spent nearly two days talking art and hanging out with friends at the NEW @ FAC show in Fairfield, Connecticut. We even managed to fit in a pajama party at Binnie's on Saturday night.

Here are a few images of work in the show. There were 55 pieces of work in encaustic altogether, so not all the work is included here. (NEW members can see all my photos on our yahoo site.) The show is on until June 25th, which means it will still be up during and after the encaustic conference.

This work was in the entryway: LtoR - Kim Bernard, Pat Gerkin, Binnie Birstein, Nancy Natale

It kills me to post this horrible picture of myself, but I do want to show you Billie Jean Sullivan, Director of FAC, in blue, Show Organizer Binnie Birstein in the white shawl and Curator Laura Einstein on the far right. Laura did an excellent job selecting the work and finding a way to hang it all and meld it into a unified exhibition.

This is part of the first wall after the entryway. LtoR work is by Donna Hamil Talman (2), Misa Galazzi (top), Dawna Bemis (2), Ken Eason (2), Helene Farrar (top), Barbara Cone and part of a work by Earl Schofield.

Work by Beverly Rippel (top), Sharon Coffin, Sue Katz (2) and Binnie Birstein.

These are by Diane Langley on the left and Linda Cordner on the right.

Corner piece by Carol Odell, sculpture and painting on right by Kim Bernard.

Kim's piece again with two by Gregory Wright.

LtoR: A diptych and single panel piece by Rick Green, two landscapes by Pam DeJong, blue landscape by Charyl Weissbach and bottom work by Suzanne Des Rosiers.

Two pieces by Alison Golder on the left, then Kellie Weeks and Lelia Weinstein.

On Sunday we did a two-hour talk and demo and were happily surprised when Joanne Mattera stopped by on her way out of New York. (LtoR: Binnie, Dawna Bemis, Joanne, Misa Galazzi.)

Here is Binnie demonstrating use of a propane torch.

Dawna talking about her work.

And Misa showing us a book that documented a recent solo show of her work.

Do you think Binnie is talking about painting with encaustic or techniques of flying here?

Whatever it was, Binnie did a great job introducing New England Wax to the Fairfield Arts Council and providing lots of fun for artist pals.


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Leslie Avon Miller said...

"Hanging out with other artists and talking art is nearly as good as making the stuff. No one gets it like other artists do."
Yep. It's a real natural high, isn't it? Wonderful to see all these images of great art and people! Thanks Nancy and congratulations on your well deserved 100 followers.

Anonymous said...

Nancy GREAT post on the FAC show. It looks like you all had a great time and the show is beautiful! Thanks for the update, sorry I missed it and the jammy party.

Binnie said...

This is great!!!! You really showed the work well! I have no idea what I was talking about...LOL!
You're the best! It was a great weekend!

Nancy Natale said...

You are right, Leslie, it is a natural high. Thanks for commenting.

Lynette, we missed you, too, especially chatting in Binnie's studio in our jammies. (I didn't mention the great cookies that Binnie's daughter made.)

Binster, it was a great time and thanks to you for getting it going!

Supria Karmakar said...

Hi Nancy:
So lovely to have you stop into my blog and leave a comment..gave me a chance to go back to your lovely website and see your lovely textured magical creations..they are gorgeous..hope to see you at the is so soon...I am getting excited.

Tamarise Cronin said...

FAC show looks fantastic! Congrats to Binnie on a great job and to all the NEW artists involved!