Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Reactions and Reflections

All the news that's fit to think about.

Item:   A Catholic school refuses to accept the son of two lesbians as a student. 
Reaction: Discrimination! How dare they?
Reflection: Why would any two lesbians want to send their son to a Catholic school? What were they thinking?!!!

Item:  Art auctions bringing in gazillions, way higher than any estimates, for art made maybe 40 or 50 years ago. 

Reaction: When art becomes such a commodity, doesn't it lose its magical artiness?
Reflection: Without a big name giving it a big price tag, is it still art or is it more art than ever?

Image: Magical, pink arty stuff from the internet

Item:  "Oprah", Kitty Kelley's just-published biography 
Reaction: Since I just read this bio, perhaps my opinion of Oprah is now influenced by Kitty Kelley's tell-all.
Reflection: Oprah should have quit last year. She looks downright haggard - and bored. Maybe her producers are scheduling all the sensationalism not to increase ratings but to keep Oprah engaged? Anyway, I haven't watched her in a couple of months.

P.S. Whatever happened to her BFF Gayle? Where is she? Why the hell is the decorator guy doing interviews that Gayle used to do?

Item: The Gulf oil geyser pumps thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico with no end in sight
Reaction: Not another horrifying environmental tragedy caused by corporate greed!
Reflection: A disgusting mess bound to get even more horrifying. I can't even joke about Cheney being behind it all.

Image: This so reminds me of Laura Moriarty's work.

Item: George Rekers, a Baptist minister and clinical psychologist who is a self-proclaimed expert at turning homosexuals straight, caught returning from a 10-day trip overseas with an "escort" from
Reaction: Are all these homophobic preachers really closeted gays?
Reflection: All these homophobic preachers are really closeted gays.
Image: Rekers' "rentboy" escort.

Item: Laura Bush writes a memoir and makes a big PR splash
Reaction: She seems to talk real good for the wife of a language mangler.
Reflection: First step in the reconstitution of Our Boy George

Item: The six biggest U.S. banks made $18.7 Billion in profit in first quarter of 2010, biggest profit since spring 2007.
Reaction: Were these profits financed by the U.S. government?
Reflection: Maybe that's why Bank of America stopped including mini-photocopies of cancelled checks with their monthly statements? (as they really did)

Image: I threw in Cheney because he must have had something to do with it.

Item: The Kardashians
Reaction: No talent, not that good looking, too icky for even me to watch their "reality" show
Reflection: A talented public relations staff used that booty to carry the whole family to celebritydom.

Item: Arizona passes a stringent anti-immigrant bill that makes it a crime for an immigrant to travel anywhere without papers.
Reaction: This will lead to racial profiling, open discrimination and persecution of non-whites.
Reflection: A Pew Research Poll in early May showed that more than 60% of Americans (not just Arizonians) were in favor of this law. They obviously don't know it could be them next time.

Image: "Executive Order 9066, Series 6," 30x22, 2009, by Mary Higuchi, from Donna Watson's blog. Note: Executive Order 9066 imprisoned Japanese immigrants and their descendants in concentration camps during WWII.

Item: President Obama nominates Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.
Reaction: Finally, a third of the Court will be women!
Reflection: Damn! She's apparently not a lesbian. Guess we'll have to settle.

Note: While I'm thinking about all this stuff, I'm not focusing on the two wars that have been going on for eons costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars. I'm not thinking about the climate that we have destroyed with our poisonous gases and short-sighted, rapacious ways. I'm not thinking about the thousands of people in the U.S. who have lost their homes and their jobs and can't find others or have to work at something way below their capabilities just to hold it all together. I'm not thinking about the people who still believe that President Obama was born in Kenya and wants to convert us to Socialism. I'm not thinking about all those hypocrites who are telling us how to live but don't follow their own rules. Well, you get the drift. Oh, and I'm probably not in the studio because I'm on the internets getting time sucked away from me.

All images from the internet unless otherwise noted.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

When the court is half women, it will start to look like real America.

Lynette Haggard said...

Did you drink extra coffee before posting this? HA! My head is spinning. Of all the posts I am horrified to think that 2 lesbians would attempt to send their child to a Catholic school. What WERE they thinking? (But I'm horrified that any child would be sent to Catholic school. Maybe that's just me NOT.)

Nancy Natale said...

Leslie, if I live to see that day, I'll be a happy woman.

No, I've been saving these things up until the caffeine kicked in. Yes, the Catholic school + son of lesbians is definitely a hair raiser. I'm glad the nuns were on the ball.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nancy
gosh, I think we are on the same page
with the rent boys and Cheyney
and the internet being a massive time-suck
gosh, I'm with you on it ALL

Elena De La Ville said...

Good Post!..
I love it when you rant!
BTW: Cheney is not just part of the problem, do you know he wants to be part of the solution? yes! He(his company) have offered to help clean up the Gulf for xxx trillion $$$... Way to go! Dick!

Nancy Natale said...

Elizabeth, I'm glad to hear that. I love being on the same page with You.

Elena, I had not heard that but it does make sense: first you create the problem then they pay you money to fix it! Must be creative capitalism. This would be funny if it wasn't so nasty and devious (Cheneyish) or if it really could be fixed. Once this happens, it can't be taken back. Just remember Exxon Valdize (sp?) - there are still scars from that one and unmeasurable effects. But why regulate these bastards?