Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a Snippet

Friendship is the greatest part of the encaustic conference for me. I love seeing and chatting with people - sometimes just for seconds to say hello and at others for extended hangout sessions during dinner or other opportunities to get together. This year was particularly rich for me in time spent getting to know people a bit through their work and their life concerns.

Two new friends, Debra Ramsay and Cora Jane Glasser, staged a surprising stealth show called Material Matters in their hotel suite, sort of a mini art fair. This was a major success where they each showed a significant body of work (which looked great on its own and in combination) and where they received visitors Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening during the conference and post conference. These very successful evening sessions turned intothe 311 Salon where visitors looked, nibbled, chatted, laughed and even engaged in serious discussions. Lisa Pressman has posted on her blog a series of comments about titling paintings from several of us involved in the discussion at the salon and subsequently online.

One night at 311 Salon hosted by Debra and Cora with l to r: Eileen Goldenberg, Kimberly Kent, Linda Womack, Cora Glasser, moi, Bill Womack. I think there's someone else in there, but I can't see/don't remember who.

Linda Womack took a little video at the salon and posted it on her blog. She is a very conscientious blogger, unlike some of us, and has included photos from many of the shows and workshops at the conference.

I, on the other hand, was busy viewing and photographing a giant bee that landed on my shoe and that someone thought was an ornament. We all have our priorities!

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