Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity jog, etc. Just got home tonight.

Well, it was a fabulous encaustic conference. I am exhausted but energized by thoughts of new work to come. The Friday, Saturday, Sunday conference was excellent, but the two post-conference critical sessions that I took yesterday and today were exceptional opportunities to have people (Barbara O'Brien on Monday and Miles Conrad on Tuesday) with experience, training and true gifts for analysis and encouragement look at my work. Barbara and Miles gave me (and others in the classes) feedback and suggestions for ways to move my work forward, improve my statement and other presentation documents, and to think about my work in a larger context. It was really inspiring and stimulating. I know much will come from it.

So you may be wondering what the hell happened to my blogging from the conference. The answer is that apparently high-speed internet has not reached the North Shore of Massachusetts (Beverly, Danvers, etc.). The wireless connections were: (a) non existent or (b) slow enough to have drying paint beat them. This was a frustrating condition that bothered me when I tried to blog early in the morning of day 2 and again the next morning, but then I gave up and just went with the flow of enjoying myself and too bad about the rest of you. I even stopped taking photos. I only have them from day one and they're in the laptop. So I'll post some later although they're old news by now.

I only had a couple of photos in my camera and here they are - Miles Conrad's installation Wax and Wane composed of wax pieces made in a workshop at last year's conference. They were installed in the window of Gallery 301 to see what happened as the wax melted and the pieces disintegrated in the sun.

You can see that a lot of pieces fell off and landed on the bottom of the window. These photos were taken on Monday when the sun was really beating down, but now a week of cool weather and rain are in progress and making the pieces stay on their perches. It will be interesting to see what happens during the month of the installation because it's so weather dependent and the weather in Beverly in June is anybody's guess.

More later and meanwhile read the blogs on the conference blog for updates. I did see that Linda Womack had two really full accounts of two days up.

Now off to my own bed after an exhausting five dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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