Saturday, March 7, 2009

Night and Day

Taking photos to exchange with my Swedish partners for the weather blog has driven me to experiment with my camera as never before. I even went outside last night IN THE ACTUAL DARK and shot some photos. That was fun and I experimented with flash/no flash/slow flash, etc. with surprising results (at least surprising to me). I was unprepared for the drama that night photography gave to mundane scenes.

Night Shadows (taken last night, March 6th, in the backyard)

Day shadows - taken today - same view

Night Reflections

Day Reflections - same shot

Last night - trees with pinprick moon

Today - same trees but with celestial blue sky

Today was a beautiful day - the first really warm day that promised not to be a singular aberation. The ground is soggy with snowmelt and tonight it's started raining with three more days of rain to come. But green things are happening. This long, miserable winter is finally starting to lift. Relief is in sight accompanied by The First crocus.

Buds are swelling, birds are making spring calls and activity is beginning all around. But before it all that breaks into full-bloom spring, we have to get through Mud Season:

and worse is yet to come


M said...

I especially loved the light and texture in these pieces and the hope for warmer weather.

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks, Margaret. I appreciate your visit and share the hope.