Saturday, May 12, 2012

Countdown to The Conference

Postcards have arrived and labels have been printed and attached. (Surprising even me - and I did it.) Somehow I managed to fit all those shows on the back and still keep within the mailing guidelines mandated by the Post Office. Yes, it does make the back of the card look strange if it doesn't have a label on it, but it leaves room for notes such as, "Make sure to buy that big red one!" and stuff like that.

So here's the front. This image is of a new piece called Postmortem made just from packaging, tacks and encaustic on a panel. I am showing it at The Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown in the Conference Presenters' Show. You'll see all the show details on the back of the card below. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Here is the card back listing the five shows in which my work will be shown during the conference (and after).  These five are just part of the incredible lineup of shows that Joanne Mattera and Cherie Mittenthal have put together to make a giant encaustic extravanganza in Provincetown from end May and into June.

Here's a better view of Postmortem (click to enlarge)

You can see the whole lineup of shows here. The purple dots on the map below and on the conference blog are the galleries that will be showing work in encaustic. All the openings are on Friday night, June 1st, except the two shows at Castle Hill Center for the Arts in Truro which open on Thursday night, May 31st.

I'm showing the map here, but if you go to the Encaustic Conference blog using the link above or here, you can enlarge it and actually see the street names where the galleries are located. There are two shows at the Provincetown Inn, two shows at Castle Hill and 12 shows in commercial galleries throughout Provincetown. Wow!

Excitement is mounting as we all complete our preparations. I am going to Provincetown early to teach a workshop before the conference begins, to deliver work to various shows and to hang a show. I'll be posting more details and pictures as the countdown proceeds. Once my trip begins, I'll be live blogging on the way and then covering all the fun day by day. (Unless I'm having too much fun - which has been known to happen.)

Oh, the thrills and chills ahead!


Unknown said...

Loving your work, as usual, Nancy. And I've made a huge decision to forego the Encaustic Conference this year in order to go next year and go big. Workshops before and after the conference, etc. I will miss much this year, I know, but #7 will have to be it for me. Best of luck in Provincetown!

Wendy Rodrigue Magnus said...

I love the depth of 'Postmortem,' Nancy and once again regret that I won't see this in person! Can't wait to read your updates from the conference. And hey, Happy Mother's Day! Wendy

Gwendolyn Plunkett said...

I feel the excitement as if I were attending. Will miss being there but I do plan to be in P-town for the 7th!