Monday, November 7, 2011

At Long Last, Pollination

About two years ago, Greg Wright was invited by the Brush Gallery in Lowell, Mass. to curate a show of works in encaustic. Greg wanted to shape the show around a theme, and chose pollination because he thought it had many "nuanced definitions." In addition, he "wanted to use the beautiful and life-sustaining pollinating activities of bees, producers of our beloved wax, as a point of inspiration." [quoting from Greg's Curator's Statement.] He invited a group of artists whose work he knew to create pieces about pollination that stretched the definition beyond the garden and into the realm of metaphor, poetry, philosophy and emotion. Yesterday, November 7th, was the opening reception for Pollination: Beyond the Garden. (Click images to enlarge)

Two of Greg Wright's dynamic paintings from the show.

Note: Greg has posted on his blog the full text of the exhibition catalog along with images of all the work in the show. So for a closer look at the work with details on titles, sizes and materials along with statements from the curator, the artists, the filmmaker and the beekeeper, check this link.

Thinking about this theme for such a long time and having made work for it more than six months ago, we artists in the show were all very curious to see each other's work in the flesh. It definitely did not disappoint. Here are a few shots from the opening that show the work and the artists involved.

A wall of pieces by Kellie Weeks about water-borne pollen.
Closeups of  two of these works below.

Toby Sisson and  Cherie Mittenthal admire a wall of work by Laura Tyler

Laura Tyler is a beekeeper as well as an artist and has also created the film, Sister Bee, about her experience with honeybees. Laura, who lives in Boulder, Colorado, will be present at the Pollination show on Beekeeper Day, November 19th, when she will screen her film. Tony Lulek, President of the Norfolk County Beekeepers Association, will also speak on that day about Colony Collapse Disorder and its effect on honeybees.

One side of a dimensional work by Toby Sisson

Toby Sisson, the recto side of another untitled piece.

Foreground, Toby Sisson, the verso side of the piece above

Three works by Sue Katz

Greg and Binnie Birstein in front of Binnie's work

Binnie Birstein's work

Two paintings and a dimensional box by Lynette Haggard in the window of the Brush Gallery with sun streaming in.

Binnie and Lynette with flowers presented to them by Ellen Granter,
a former student of Binnie's and  the subject of a blog post by Lynette

Milisa (Misa) Galazzi with her work

A closeup of Misa's delicate work that is hand-stitched on paper, then cut out
and dipped in wax. When it is hung away from the wall on pins,
it casts shadows behind it.

Kim Bernard and Binnie Birstein share a laugh and a hug

Kim with her work

Me with my work (not the most flattering lighting, is it now?)

Three pieces by Donna Talman

A detail of Donna's work

Another detail of Donna's work

Surprise visitor from Truro/Provincetown, Cherie Mittenthal of Castle Hill Center for the Arts, along with Kim

Stealth gift instigator, Misa, made a great thank-you card for Greg that we all signed

Then she framed a show postcard that we all signed

Then we all chipped in to present him with the pen we used for signing - a hand-turned
pen created by Misa's husband, David Michel of Pipe and Paddle Woodworking.
The pen actually looked like Greg's paintings!

Two other supportive artists who came to the reception, Linda Cordner and
Joanne Mattera, deep in conversation. That's Greg's shoulder on the left.

The Pollination catalog that contains all the statements and images of all the works.

If you want to order a catalog to be sent to you, here's what to do:

Send: Buyer's name and mailing address along with a check for $16.25 per catalog to:

Brush Gallery & Studios
Att: Catalogs
256 Market Street
Lowell, MA 01852

Greg may also have some available for sale at the conference in June if you can wait that long.

One photo I missed getting yesterday is Eileen Byrne, Executive Director of The Brush Art Gallery, who was so kind and helpful to Greg and all of us.  But, thanks to Google, here she is:

Eileen Byrne - Thanks for all your help!

So there you have it, a wonderful time was had by all and there is still more to come:

Kind of overexposed, but I hope you get the idea!


Laura Tyler said...

Great reporting, Nancy. I like the feel you've captured. Warm and bright with laughter. A nice mix of people and art pics. Thank you.

Nancy Natale said...

So sorry that you weren't part of the festivities, Laura! But I'm glad you enjoyed the post. We had a great turn out and lots of fun.

Hylla Evans said...

This really did feel like being there. All the work does so well together! Greg did a fabulous job curating and publicizing! Mazel tov!

Ben Stansfield said...

wow, wow, wow.
I can't remember the last time I saw a show with not ONE PIECE I didn't like.
so sad I'm too far away to pop in and see, but great stuff, thanks for sharing.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for this, Nancy! Lovely!

Gregory Wright said...

Thank you Nancy for a wonderful report and for being a BIG part of this exhibition!

Jann Gougeon said...

Beautiful work. I especially like the black & white and circles and boxes.

Annie said...

I just found you through Art propelled. What a beautiful show, some of the best work I have seen in a long time. Stunning show.

Adrianne in Portland said...

Really beautiful work - great photos! The gorgeous art makes my mouth water. Thank you!

Wendy Rodrigue Magnus said...

What a beautiful show, and I so enjoyed the photos and re-cap. "Beekeeper Day" - Who knew?

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. This was a great show - thanks to Greg and all the artists. It's really fun to show with people who like each other and each other's work so much.

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. This was a great show - thanks to Greg and all the artists. It's really fun to show with people who like each other and each other's work so much.

Sue said...

How I would love to see this exhibition (I live in the UK...)! Thank you for sharing these artworks, looks as if everyone had a lot of fun at the private view.

Tamar said...

Looks like a lovely exhibit. Congratulations to all!

lisa said...

Looks like a great show.
Congrats to all of you