Saturday, October 10, 2009

LOL and/or Really?

I couldn't resist posting these beyond belief images of shoes from a blog article in today's NY Times. A few weeks ago, when I saw some Bill Cunningham photos of actual women wearing heel-less shoes on the street, I thought that was the ultimate limit, but today's photos prove me wrong. Fashion-smashion.

Remind you of someone?

The NY Times article has some interesting excerpts from various writers, historians and shoe experts who comment on women's shoes, damage done to women's bodies by shoes (bunions and tendonitis anyone?) and why women's feet seem to be the locus of so much focus. Talk about yer foot fetish!


layers said...

having just bought 3 pairs of shoes yesterday I guess I can relate-- but could never wear any of these!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

LOL for sure. Can you imagine someone walking down a street in middle America looking like that? I can't see myself taking seed out to the bird feeders in that get up either! I think of these as costumes, artistic exercises for designers, but not cloths for real women. Give me tennis shoes any day!

Joanne Mattera said...

This to me says it all: In every photograph I've ever seen of Manolo Blahnik (the guy who designs tiny-strap "do-me" pumps on ungodly high heels), he is wearing sensible shoes.

Nancy Natale said...

I really can't remember when I last wore anything but flat shoes, and that must be a sign of age and/or not trying to impress. I wore my share of platforms and bunion makers in my day, but now I just love being able to wiggle my toes in comfort. And, yes, the guys who design these things don't have to wear them or they might design around the human foot and body instead of cartoon characters.

Stephanie Clayton said...

fantasy shoes- i'm thinking these outre' McQueen creations are for runway only.
i actually collect pretty footwear (mostly heels) but i'm very particular about not them wearing for too long. most of the time, i'm barefoot anyway. or in flip-flops.

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