Thursday, April 30, 2009

Encaustic Returns

Tonight I'm happy to be posting an image of a piece actually created in my studio. Yes, it's Art in the Studio again, not Book Review Central. So, here's the piece:
This is "Metamorphosis", encaustic and mixed media diptych, 16"H x 32"W.

Here is a detail showing how much the figure is built up:

I reworked this piece because I thought it hadn't been brought up to its full potential.

This is the original version before I reworked it.

I made Metamorphosis as a companion piece to the following:

"Glow Worm," encaustic and mixed media diptych, 16"H x 32"W, 2008.

I'm delivering both of these pieces tomorrow to the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Mass. for inclusion in a New England Wax show - Ancient Medium N.E.W. Terrain - that will run all summer. There are 23 artists and 77 pieces juried by Craig Bloodgood, the museum's curator. The opening of the show with opening reception is Sunday, May 17th. More later.


Anonymous said...

they really look horrible

Nancy Natale said...

Marco, you're right. They do.